No Rating Impact on Fish Fondue from Social Media Speculation

Set for fish fondue

Fish Ratings – London – 03 Oct 2022: Recent widespread speculation on social media about the viability of Fish Fondue will not have any impact on the Swiss seafood recipe’s rating.

Fish Fondue is a high-risk dish that can contain many exotic ingredients. However, Fish Ratings considers the recent reports regarding its long-term survival to be excessive and is therefore affirming its ‘BBB’ rating.

Fish Fondue is considerably less well-known than Cheese Fondue (Unrated) and Chocolate Fondue (Unrated), but Fish Ratings’ analysis shows it to be a well-established feature of Swiss cuisine, especially among diners with more adventurous palates. It is particularly popular in the run up to Christmas.

Fish Ratings notes recent comments by food bloggers describing Fish Fondue as a “revolting travesty” and an “Alpine abomination” and one who said she thought it must have been invented “by the Swiss second cousin of Satan”.

However, many of these gastronomes appear only recently to have discovered the existence of Fish Fondue, and their opinions must therefore be taken (like Fish Fondue itself) with a pinch of salt.

We are reassured by comments from Swiss Toni, the Zurich-based fishmonger and chairman of the Fish Fondue Association, who confirmed that Fish Fondue had a “strong broth base and liquidity position”.

However, as Switzerland is a land-locked country that is heavily dependent on imports to meet internal demand for fish, Fish Fondue is heavily exposed to inflation. As a result, Fish Ratings is maintaining a Negative Outlook and may downgrade Fish Fondue if more restaurants remove it from their menus.

Photo: Fish Fondue Set by -jkb-, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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