Ratings Fishing

Ratings fishing is the process of obtaining a rating for a specified fish. Wade through our ratings fishing process with this handy guide.


Step 1: Initiate Rating Process

The rating process usually begins when a fish, sponsor, angler, trawler or, in any of these cases, its agent, contacts a member of Fish Ratings’ Fish and Relationship Management (FRM) group with a request to engage Fish Ratings to provide a rating.

Alternatively, Fish Ratings may initiate rating coverage on an unsolicited basis, where sufficient public information is available, to broaden ocean and inland waterway coverage or generally provide insight to fish obsessives.


Step 2: Collect Publicly Available Information

Analysts base their rating analysis on a thorough review of information known to them and believed to be relevant to the analysis and the rating decision in accordance with the applicable criteria. The rating process incorporates information provided directly to Fish Ratings by the fish, angler, trawler or other third party.

In most cases for solicited ratings, the fish or its sponsor participates in the ratings process via e-mail. Analysts also consider recent tabloid news articles, Wikipedia entries, seafood restaurant menus, horoscopes and any other information deemed relevant for rating analysis.


Step 3: The Magic Happens

Fish ratings are assigned and reviewed through an occult process.

The analysis required beforehand includes a complete application of species-specific ritual as laid out in ancient scrolls of fish lore, including but not limited to:
– Blood sacrifice
– Dance
– Chanting
– Traditional ceremonial attire
– Prayer
– Self-flagellation


Step 4: Show Me The Money

Once the ritual is complete, the outcome is communicated in writing to the fish or, where applicable, its angler/trawler/agent (exceptions apply).

In communicating the rating, the rating action and principal grounds on which the rating is based must be explained.

The rating action is published after meeting Fish Ratings’ pecuniary requirements (that’s right… cold hard cash!)

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