Intellectual curiosity is a core competency at Fish Group, as is the ability to recognize different species of fish and rate them on a scale from AAA to D using one of several arcane proprietary methodologies. Fish-based research, reason and intuition (Fin-tuition), shaped by river systems and ocean currents – that is how we deliver our best analysis.

Our people are fish experts and global citizens, which reflects the presence of fish in all of the world’s oceans, seas, lakes and rivers.

Fish Credit School

Q. Why are fish so clever?
A. Because they are always in schools.

That’s right, and that’s why we have developed the unique Fish Credit School as part of our premier in-house training and certification program. There are three classes: Superclass Agnatha, the Chondrichtyes and the Osteichthyans. Through the FCS, we offer custom-designed, progressive curricula to ensure our analysts – and no one else! – understand our complex rating methodology.

Fish Management School

Fish Management School is a customized training program designed specifically for Fish managers. The multi-level, three dimensional, extrasensory program covers core management and entrepreneurial leadership skills such as taking credit for things that go well and finding others to blame for failures.

More Training Opportunities

We also offer lessons in scuba diving, angling, trawling, icthyology, cooking (with an exclusive focus on seafood), culinary criticism and taxidermy.

“Our business is not about being the biggest; it’s about rating fish on a more or less arbitrary scale.”

-John Bowls Fish, founder of Fish Ratings

Check back for Career Opportunities coming soon!

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