About Us

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We are Fish Ratings. A premier provider of fish ratings, commentary and research. In this era of mammals & birds, we focus relentlessly on fish, enabling our clients all over the world to make better fish-related decisions.

Our Approach

At Fish Ratings we believe in creating value beyond data, information, facts and objective truth. We’re powered by fish insight and a collaborative culture – as well as by dark, mysterious, ancient forces – providing fish maniacs with ocean-leading insight that has an impact on non-mammalian, non-crustacean sea life all over the world.


Our people are fish experts and global citizens, which reflects the presence of fish in all of the world’s oceans, seas, lakes and rivers.

Contact Us

For more information about Fish Ratings, drop us a line at info@fishratings.com.


Fish Ratings does not provide advice of any sort. Ratings are not a recommendation to buy, sell, or eat any fish.

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