Salmon Items on Taiwanese Restaurant Menu Not Immediately Affected by Surge in People Changing Their Names to “Salmon”

Fish Ratings – Taipei – 19 Mar 2021: The ratings on six salmon-based items on the menu of Taiwanese sushi restaurant Akindo Sushiro are not immediately affected by a surge in people changing their names to “Salmon” (guiyu, 鮭魚) in order to claim a special offer.

The additional publicity generated by the deal – which allows diners with the name to claim free meals for their entire table – could generate additional revenue for the restaurant, especially from the six salmon nigiri, normally priced at ¥110 per plate (including tax). However, it is too early to determine the full impact of the promotion on sales.

Fish Ratings will continue to monitor the impact of the special offer. We may review the ratings if additional revenue materialises upon the conclusion of the deal, and take action if it has a meaningful impact on Akindo Sushiro’s takings.

The Taipei Times reported on 18 March 2021 that dozens of people had applied to change their names to Salmon in order to claim the discount. One student changed her name to Kuo Salmon Rice Bowl (郭鮭魚丼飯) but said she would change it back the following day. Taiwanese people are allowed to change their legal name three times.

The ratings of the six salmon menu items are as follows.

Salmon – ¥100 (¥110 including tax) – ‘A+(twn)’; Outlook Stable

Onion Salmon – ¥100 (¥110 including tax) – ‘A+(twn)’; Outlook Stable

Broiled Fatty Salmon – ¥100 (¥110 including tax) – ‘A+(twn)’; Outlook Stable

Broiled Fatty Salmon Radish – ¥100 (¥110 including tax) – ‘AA-(twn)’; Outlook Stable

Broiled Salmon w/Basil Sauce – ¥100 (¥110 including tax) – ‘AA-(twn)’; Outlook Stable

Salmon Basil Mozzerella– ¥150 (¥165 including tax) – ‘AA(twn)’; Outlook Stable

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