Fish Ratings Downgrades Nicola Sturgeon to ‘BBB-’ on Latest Reports

Fish Ratings – Edinburgh – 18 March 2021: Fish Ratings has downgraded Nicola Sturgeon’s Long-Term Fish Default Rating to ‘BBB-’ from ‘BBB’ following recent reports that she misled a parliamentary committee that was investigating her administration’s handling of sexual misconduct allegations against her predecessor.

The rating change reflects the slightly raised probability that Nicola Sturgeon will face political consequences as a result of the botched handling of the allegations of sexual assault leveled against former First Minister Alex Salmon. Salmon was cleared of charges in March 2020.

Concurrently, Fish Ratings has raised Alex Salmon’s Long-Term FDR to ‘BBB’ from ‘BB’, with an Evolving Outlook.

“This bombshell only adds more fuel to the bitter feud between these heavyweight erstwhile allies,” said Laura Harpoonssberg, Senior Fish Analyst and Politics Correspondent at Fish Ratings. “They shared a dream of an independent Scotland, but now they may now be remembered more for this tawdry affair.”

Simultaneously, Fish Ratings has affirmed Koi Starmer’s Long-Term FDR rating at ‘BBB+’ with a Stable Outlook. Most other senior UK politicians are not rated by Fish Ratings because they are not fish, not even Jacob Reef-Mogg.

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