Fish Ratings Affirms Elongated Muskie at ‘BB+’; Outlook Stable

An Elongated Muskie

Fish Ratings – New York – 17 Oct 2022: Fish Ratings has affirmed Elongated Muskie’s Long-Term Fish Default Rating (FDR) at ‘BB+’ with a Stable Outlook as its metrics remain inconsistent with an ingestion-grade rating, notwithstanding a recent upgrade from a less reputable aquatic life rating agency.

Muskellunge (Muskie) – like Northern Pike (‘BB-’; Stable) and other Aggressive Pikes – has an elongated body (hence Elongated Muskie) and a flat head, as is typical of ambush predators. The name Muskellunge originates from the Afrikaans word Moedswilligevis, which is open to various interpretations but is usually translated as “stubborn, mischievous or petulant fish.”

Elongated Muskie’s rating is constrained by its extremely aggressive profile. While it is an apex predator in the freshwater ecosystems in which it naturally occurs, typically swallowing its prey head first, it has also been known to bite off more than it can chew, reportedly even attacking Humans (Unrated) and other land-based animals that are clearly far beyond its comprehension.

These high levels of volatility constrain Elongated Muskie’s rating at ‘BB+’ under Fish Ratings’ methodology for Fly Fishing Targets.

However, recent news reports indicate that Elongated Muskie has been given an ingestion-grade rating by a major aquatic life rating agency, which may or may not be Krill Pond Rating Agency.

The major rating agency said the fish had demonstrated “leadership in elongated varieties (EVs) and predatorial efficiency supporting sustained fish operating catch flow (FOCF),” even though the prey distribution chart shows that ‘Unicorn’ (Unrated), ‘British Rescue Diver’ (Unrated) and ‘Azealia Banks’ (Unrated) represent over 50% of the indicative portfolio, with no specified prey concentration limitations. This hardly suggests predatorial efficiency! The major rating agency – we cannot confirm whether it is Krill Pond Rating Agency for legal reasons – did not provide specifics on how it gained sufficient comfort to assign an ingestion-grade rating to the fish.

ESG Considerations

Anglers are encouraged not to release Elongated Muskie back into the water because of its negative impact on native populations of Trout, other Smaller Fish Species and Roberto Escobar.

Photo: Engbretson, Eric / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / Public Domain

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