Fish Ratings Affirms and Withdraws Ratings on Fried Filet of Fish Sandwich and other Fish Items on Eisenberg’s Menu

Fish Ratings – New York – 29 March 2021: Fish Ratings has affirmed the Fried Filet of Fish Sandwich on the menu of Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop at ‘A+’ and simultaneously withdrawn the rating following the reported closure of the classic lunch counter and delicatessen. Fish Ratings has also affirmed and withdrawn the ratings of several other fish items on the menu.

The Fried Filet of Fish Sandwich itself was nothing out of the ordinary – thin filets of white fish, breaded, fried and piled up between two slices of toasted white bread, served with a dill pickle spear – and its metrics implied a standalone rating of ‘bbb’. However, the sandwich benefited from credit enhancement as a result of the legendary and historic status of Eisenberg’s, which had been open on Fifth Avenue since 1929, resulting in a four-notch uplift. The credit enhancement somewhat offsets the fact that the species of fish is unidentified.

In March, a “for lease” sign was visible in the window of the celebrated sandwich shop, and Fish Ratings has affirmed and withdrawn all Eisenberg’s credit enhanced ratings due to insufficient information.

The LEO (Lox, Egg and Onion Omelette)AAffirmed and WithdrawnAA-
Tuna Salad SandwichBBBAffirmed and WithdrawnBBB
Tuna MeltBBB+Affirmed and WithdrawnBBB+
Fried Filet of Fish SandwichA+Affirmed and WithdrawnA+
Whitefish Salad SandwichBBB+Affirmed and WithdrawnBBB+
Fried Fish Filet with Mac & Cheese (Fridays Only)AA-Affirmed and WithdrawnAA-

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