Fish Ratings Upgrades Hamilton Fish to ‘A-‘; Outlook Stable

Fish Ratings – New York – 30 Nov 2020: Fish Ratings has upgraded the Very-Long-Term Fish Default Ratings (FDRs) of the 19th century American politician Hamilton Fish and his rated descendants (collectively, the Fishes) to ‘A-‘ from ‘BBB+’. The Rating Outlook has been revised to Stable from Positive.


The rating upgrade reflects a recent reappraisal of Hamilton Fish’s career by the historian Prof. Dustin P. Codswallop, which results in sustained margin improvement to within Fish Ratings’ ‘a’ category influence and reputation benchmark range of 30%-50% for deceased statesmen, which Fish Ratings believes yields meaningful flexibility.

In his recently published biography, ‘A Fish for His Times’, Prof. Codswallop gives Fish greater credit than previous historians – correctly in the estimation of Fish Ratings – for his role, while serving as US Secretary of State, in the resolution of the Alabama Claims between the United States and Great Britain.

Secy Fish’s ability to attract attention from modern academics more than 100 years on demonstrates the resilience of his personal brand. His diversified policy platform has benefited from growing demand among university professors for opportunities to supplement their income with publishing royalties, which Fish Ratings expects to persist.

Hamilton Fish’s ratings remain supported by his solid competitive position as an international diversified senior statesman and solid negotiating track record as well as by copious historical records.

Rating constraints relative to higher rated peers include lower book sales, albeit improved, and more limited incentive income upside.


Hamilton Fish’s son, Hamilton Fish II, served one term as US Representative from 1909 to 1911; his grandson, Hamilton Fish III, served as US Representative from 1920 to 1945; and his great-grandson, Hamilton Fish IV, served as US Representative from 1969 to 1995. The FDRs of these entities are equalized with the ratings assigned to Hamilton Fish, reflecting the joint and several political links among the entities, all of whom were Republicans.

Hamilton Fish’s great-great-grandson, Hamilton Fish V, ran for Congress as a Democrat in 1988 but lost in the primary after his grandfather, Hamilton Fish III, called him a “communist” and contributed $100 to the Republican campaign. Hamilton Fish V is not rated.

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